LA Home Buyers Agency, LLC

We Specialize In Your Happiness

It is our passion to work with people who never thought they would have the opportunity to own a home of their own. We love to hold your hand and to guide you and protect your interest in the home buying process. We will listen to your wants and needs in a home and use that criteria to search the available properties in your desired area of town. We will guide you to find a home that is in your budget and to work with lenders we trust. It is our passion to make sure the home is a sound investment with inspections by qualified home inspectors, excellent appraisers and get the best title companies involved in the closings. And we protect and guide you to get the best deal possible to provide future financial security so that you can enjoy an enriched life in all the ways that a home of your own can provide.

We chose the symbol of the mother pelican protecting her babies in the nest because it reminds us of what it feels like to be protected and nested in our homes.